Listen. Imagine. Produce.
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Franz Architects


Creating architectural works of art

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Franz Architects is dedicated to assisting our clients with every detail of each project from start to finish and provide excellent support while being mindful of time and budget. Over the years Franz Architects has learned to really listen to our clients desires and execute them into a buildable and workable – work of art. We love the challenge of individualizing each space and thinking outside of the box in design. This is why Listen. Imagine. Produce. is our way of life. We have committed to checking construction details and designing the architectural art form for over 30 years. We constantly employ the most advanced architectural technologies and believe that technology does not prevent the art but becomes the art.

Franz Architects is proud of our experience in the design of education institutions, prison facilities, governmental projects, commercial centers, industrial centers, restaurants, office buildings and retail projects. We are a firm with the vitality to match the client’s professional, and community growth, while collectively having well over 180 years of experience.

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4055 International Plaza

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Fort Worth, TX 76109

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Areas of Expertise


 Our retail scope of work ranges from interior finish outs to new builds. We have completed several new ground up structures, remodels and additions to existing locations. Our team works diligently to provide each building with the best design for its location in order to please both the owner and the community as a whole. Our goal is to provide a quality product with the ability to serve the employees, customer base as well as the community for many years to come.


At Franz Architects no project is too big or too small. We have the experience in many large industrial projects and can design a space to suit the needs of each client on an individual basis. We understand that large industrial projects have unique needs and circumstances. It is our desire and goal to work with each client one on one in order to learn those needs and address them appropriately.     


Franz Architects has many years of experience in school design and construction; we have completed several projects for various school districts and private schools. Our team has recently completed several projects for Liberty Christian School in Argyle, TX. Initially, we worked with the school to create a master plan in order to address their current needs and also their needs for future growth. We have also added on to their lower school, and built a new upper school, created an new entrance and school shop, expanded and created several gym and workout facilities and planned for a future worship center.


Our first client in 1983, the United States Postal Service and Franz Architects continues to have a successful working relationship. We have designed and completed an array of projects as simple as parking lot renovations all the way to complex new builds of main distribution facilities. With several projects in the works we look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve this icon in American society.                                         


Work plays an important role in our day to day lives and it is important to us that the space works for the client and their employees. At Franz Architects we take the time to learn the needs of the client, their workforce and customer base and then we design their space to satisfy all of those needs. This is a challenge we enjoy – it’s an opportunity to make a positive influence on a day to day basis.


Financial institutions play an important role in our country and we enjoy the opportunity to design them to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Franz Architects has designed numerous facilities – each individualized to their location and needs.

planning and interiors

The first step to a great plan is a tangible picture of the final product. We have experts who can take a concept and sketch it into a 3D reality. This process helps establish a clear idea of what the structure will look like in order for the client to view it and give feedback or approval. This image is as accurate of an image as a picture of the completed product. Franz Architects has the expertise to not only design a building but its interior space as well. We thrive at being able to take our client’s vision for their space and have the exterior and the interior work as one cohesive space. We can design your space as generally as paint and/or carpet all the way down to the tiniest of details.


Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.
— Julia Morgan